Braai Master

Braai Master Pretoria

Braai Master Team Building is a fun cooking team building event with low physical requirements that is fit for all ages. Teams are encourages to dress to a theme such as Chefs, Police, Casino Royale, Teenage Ninja Turtles, X Men, Cinderella, Pom Pom Girls etc

Team Building Pretoria

08h45 – Parking and Entrance
The parking has a boom gate and dedicated car guards

09h00 – Coffee and Pastries
Coffee, tea and assorted pastries

09h15 – Ice Breakers
Fun group activities to break the ice

Teams have to act in front of a huge green screen for 12 without knowing why. The video footage is then edited in the Amazing Race and shown after lunch - hilarious to make and to watch

11h00 – Refreshment Break
Assorted sandwiches and soft drinks

11h15 – BraaiMaster
Each team get a new braai (to take home after the event) and a mystery box. But not all the mystery boxes has the same ingredients. Teams have to trade ingredients to make a braai platter from around the world. Cuisines consist of Mexican, Greek, Italian, Thai, African etc.

13h00 – Lunch
The braai is served with garlic rolls, baby potatoes and assorted salads

14h00 – Watch Edited Video
Hilarious. The winning team takes a copy home. This can be used to blackmail the other teams - hahhahaha

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